75% of illness is stress related WOW!

March 14th, 2018

Recent research showed GPs report 75% of illness is stress related. WOW!

Almost everyone needs to learn to manage this.

Stress builds up in our bodies like blowing up a balloon, it keeps filling until either you let some out… or you become overwhelmed and your balloon “bursts”… causing illness and breakdown.

Along the way you start to feel the effects of your Sympathetic Nervous System causing the Fight, Flight, Freeze response:

  • Anger from the fight response
  • Anxiety and even panic from flight
  • Procrastination and activity paralysis from freeze.

At least 75% of people need to release stress in manageable ways. And this is what I will be teaching in my workshop on Sat 24th March. This actually fits in with those of my clients who are not actually booking in to see me for stress or anxiety. 75% or more of the rest tell me they suffer from stress.

I am running a workshop on Saturday 24th March to teach you how to recognise and release your stress in manageable ways.

I will teach you practical common-sense tools along with some self-hypnosis to empower you in both your life and your business. You will learn practical and easy techniques to help yourself through tough times without the need to turn to medication or worse, self-medication.

You will discover that understanding the difference between your conscious and your unconscious mind, also sometimes called the subconscious mind, helps you to make changes in your life, because it is 90% of your mind and because it is the boss, it is where you need to work to make any lasting change.

To ensure that this makes sense I include a small amount of brain anatomy to show how we get overwhelmed, stressed and anxious and then why this is so closely related to our entire physiology often leading to insomnia, changes in weight and illness.

The workshop includes simple techniques to change both your emotional state and your physiology and you will also learn how to do self hypnosis to assist you talk effectively to your unconscious mind to make changes you want.

Knowing how to release stress is life changing so don’t waste time because the workshop is only just over a week away!

You will get tea or coffee when you arrive and half way through. Parking is easy at the rear of the venue, which is very central

24th March 1.30-4.30pm

Regal Park Motel, 44 Barton Tce. East, North Adelaide

Go here to book

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