Burying past stress, trauma and pain

January 31st, 2018

Burying past stress, trauma, and pain seems like a good idea at the time, however all that pain is stored in the cells of your body and it does not go away.

A sad fact about our society is that we don’t all live relaxed and pain free lives.

So many kids have a very difficult childhood. You either know people in this situation or read about it in the papers or on the news. I see a lot of it in my job as many of you know.

Many people survive serious and sometimes even horrendous problems in their past and just keep going.

In some cases the person has always led a calm, low stress life and they are able to return calm quickly but in many other the person simply buries the problem and says they have dealt with it.

Even when you think it is out of your mind and buried, in fact it still festers in the back of your unconscious mind impacting on your relationships and your health.

And even worse, it is still a base of stress and anxiety that every day stresses build on top of bringing you close to becoming overwhelmed.

What happens when you are overwhelmed is that the part of your brain that files memories (called the hippocampus) becomes overwhelmed. It builds a lot more neural connections and actually becomes bigger and more reactive.

This part of your brain is very close to and connected to your hypothalamus and thalamus, which triggers the fight, flight, freeze response. If your body spends months or years responding in this way and is unable to fight the cause of the problem, the body turns on itself causing illnesses like allergies, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

You do need to get rid of the problem and to do this you need to engage your imagination to access your unconscious mind. The traditional method used by most mental health professionals is cognitive therapy, which asks you to use your conscious mind to repeatedly revisit that traumatic memory. This takes months or years to work if it does at all and simply re-traumatises you.

I work with clients to help them access the “theatre of the mind” in their imagination – and this is astonishingly effective. No re-traumatising and it only takes 3-4 visits. Call me if you want to know more about this and how I can help.

I’ve been there and I had PTSD for several years while I carried on regardless until I developed breast cancer. Then I stopped, did not training in the area of the mind/body connection which has always fascinated me and then found someone who treated me quickly and effectively.

Once I know what worked so effectively, I chose to do the extra study to learn how to help others which is what I DO NOW.

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