Do you sometimes feel lost?

April 12th, 2018

We get so wrapped up in other people’s issues, beliefs and ideas that we often lose sight of who we really are and what our own needs are.

We are never going to be fully effective until we sort this out and learn to love and care for our self the best.

I work with so many people who become overwhelmed by all the stuff they have to do for others and they also so often believe it is their duty to do everything else before they look after themselves.

The thing is that they are smothered by the beliefs and the fears that they grew up with. They bully themselves, telling themselves they are failures, saying sorry when anything goes wrong, even when it was nothing to do with them.

So many people are constantly helping others and even rejecting help when it is offered to them. There are times when we all need to step up and help others and there needs to be a balance where we need to allow ourselves to accept help.

Help in = help out is a good balance that should apply across all areas of our life.

The thing is that when you look after yourself properly you end up with more time and energy left to do the other jobs that need doing because you stop wasting time being anxious, indecisive and procrastinating.

Take the time to observe yourself, your behaviour, your reactions and especially what you say to yourself. Learn to be kind and helpful to you. Learn to listen to your inner voice when you are tired or overwhelmed.

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