Have you thought through what is important?

September 28th, 2018

I am in the process of moving house and sorting through what is important. My old house is sold and settlement and moving day is on October 26th. The new place is a unit and much smaller so over 50% of my belongings need to go.

In many ways this exciting and it will be a relief to have a smaller house with less maintenance, gardening and cleaning. In other ways there are decisions to be made and grief associated with parting with some long time possessions.

Why does this matter to you? Well it is so like life. We need to move on, discard things, ideas and habits that we no longer need so that we have room for an exciting new future. It is a process of working through what is important.

A large part of what people come to me for help with is actually about deciding what habits and thoughts are important to them versus what they really want to discard. There is sometimes grief about parting with long term habits and this is where I have the skills to help you to work directly with your unconscious mind to make the process so much easier.

I have found that I have been clinging to things my parents had in my early childhood that I don’t use or even really like but it is hard to actually make that break. An example is a small red china cat with a broken and glued neck that has made it into the rubbish bin many times over the years but I have always dug out again.

People’s unwanted habits are very like this.

It’s interesting and I am having fun reflecting on it while I heave things around and put them into bins, boxes and bags.

If you are having problems parting with habits, behaviours, anxieties and weight, call me for help.

Yes, I am still working with clients right through this moving process. Apart from 3 days around the end of October, I have 2-3 places available every day. Just book in and find a time that suits you, or call me on 83659513 if you can’t find a time and I will make a time fit you in.

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