Its actually not the problem – it’s a solution

April 20th, 2018

Weight gain and excess weight is not a problem…

Yes, you did read that right. It is solution that your body has found to solve the real problem. So the first thing to do on any weight loss journey is to work out reasons WHY your body wants to insulate itself.

That inner change has to happen before sustainable weight loss. If the inner change does not happen, you stay on the diet yo-yo.

Your body is much more complicated that simply balancing food in with food and exercise out. The part of the equation that is missing is all that stuff in your mind.

This is where hypnosis works.

It is interesting that many people who have surgical gastric bands and stomach stapling lose lots of weight initially but end up putting it all on again in a year of so. Their weight was a solution and the problem was still there.

A gastric band and that includes a virtual gastric band which I can give you, can be a big help in curbing the initial hunger pangs that come as part of changing your eating habits.

However the most important thing is understanding your real problem and sorting that out with hypnotic help.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but you can start today to make a new ending.

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