Resolve stress, anxiety, depression now

January 9th, 2018

Resolve stress, anxiety, depression now. When these hit for whatever reason, whether the trigger is from your work, family, relationships or any combination including something you can’t define – they affect your whole body from head to toe. Every cell in your body is affected. This makes you ill if it goes on.

When it is something long partially buried, the physical effects can be devastating. Research shows people suffering with long-term stress, anxiety and/or depression have an increased risk of developing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020, anxiety and depression will be the second leading reason in the world causing premature death or disability.

Mainstream medicine’s reaction is to jump to prescription pills designed to make us “feel happy and normal” again. But the drugs don’t address the cause of the problem, they fail to work for a great many people, or have dangerous side effects.

The thing is that anxiety, depression and stress are controlled by your unconscious mind while mainstream psychology, counselling and psychotherapy use try to address the problems using your conscious mind. If this does work it takes months or even years and takes you back over the causes of the problems, re-traumatising you in many cases and cost much more if long-term help is needed.

I use something very different. This is The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), which allows you to access your unconscious mind using your imagination and the theatre of the mind. This is rapid, gentle and avoids the re-traumatising of the other psych processes. It only takes 3-5 sessions and it transforms your life.

I certainly know personally how well this works because I had many years of stress and abuse leaving me with PTSD and breast cancer. Then I met Judith Richards, the remarkable woman who developed TRTP and after I had the treatment myself I also did the training because it was so much more effective than all the psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy had had done and was qualified to do for my clients.

TRTP totally changed my life and I see it changing that of my clients. I also adapted my Quit Smoking treatment to include some of the TRTP techniques and make it even more effective

If you want to know more about getting help for any of the following

  • Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Business stress
  • Weight problems
  • Phobias or
  • To change habits like smoking, biting nails, etc (not major drug addiction)

Please call me on 08 8365 9513 and ask questions or book straight in using the black “Book your time NOW” button which takes you to a page with a calendar where you can choose a day and time that suits you.

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