Spring will make you reflect on your weight name

September 5th, 2018

Its spring and this time of year will make you reflect on your weight as you shed your winter woollies and try to dress for warmer weather.

Are you one of the many who added a few extra kilos of insulation during winter? So what do you do now?

Diets do not work… they make your problem worse because your body believes that you are starving and makes sure it stores more fat after the diet finishes in case there is another famine. Repeated diets simply increase your weight over time as your body fights to protect you from ongoing famine.

Our metabolism evolved to suit cave people who stored fat in their bodies when they were threatened by either cold or famine. We are not going to change our basic metabolism and physiology but we can change our mindset and our habits.

Studies show that Hypnosis is 40% more successful in achieving long-term weight loss than any other method.

The thing is that hypnosis allows you to change your unconscious beliefs and your habits about food and eating. This results in steady weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight over a long time.

I use five sessions over two months to help you to make these changes in unconscious beliefs and in habits. This program changes your entire relationship with food and that achieves results.

Shortcuts do not work. Diets put on more weight over time. We all know about yo-yo dieting. It is fabulous for selling magazines as people search for the latest version.

Stomach surgery comes with huge problems and often doesn’t work. I have had several clients who have done this then a few years later come to me for help. One had a massive infection and needed to have his surgery reversed, others simply put weight back on again because they have not changed their unconscious beliefs and their food habits.

It is possible to eat a tub of ice cream slowly, or a liquidised Big Mac. It is very difficult to swallow healthy food like meat so people often find their protein content decreases.

DON”T do this!

Just book in to my 5-session program because this gives you a good long-term result.

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