Stress is held in your body and it remembers

May 9th, 2018

How did that calm person who always copes suddenly, out of the blue became massively stressed and have a breakdown? Nothing special happened.

The thing is that stress keeps adding up, like continually blowing up a balloon until it reaches breaking point and a lot of people are like swans gliding apparently serenely along. What you don’t see is how hard they may be paddling under water, especially when the currents are strong or the water turbulent.

The problem with that hidden turbulence is that stress is held in your body and your body remembers. When you reach your limit you get a reaction… usually not one you wanted.

STOP… call me to get get help before you get too overwhelmed. 08 8365 9513

Your reaction may be serious health problems and many serene “problem free” people suddenly develop obesity, autoimmune diseases, cancer or other illnesses. Or you may be like that person who suddenly “broke out” of their supposedly calm life and did something strange and unexpected, possibly dangerous. You may find yourself clinging to smoking, alcohol and/or drugs and find it harder than others to quit.

In many cases the problem was years before and has been suppressed. You may not even remember it. It may even be something seemingly harmless like a toddler being sent to stay with an aunt while Mum was in hospital, leaving the toddler with severe separation anxiety.

When animals are traumatised and freeze, they have a wonderful ability to release all the negative energy of the trauma with massive trembling and if they are prevented from doing this, they die. As humans we prevent this release and retain the trauma until it breaks out, makes us ill or kills us.

Like many of my clients, I was a swan, a successful scientist, business woman winning awards but with long term hidden trauma plus ongoing everyday stress that forced me stop and address it when I developed breast cancer several years ago (all gone now). Healing that was a journey that resulted in my being calm underneath as well as on the surface

That is when I decided to get treatment for trauma and also to do additional study as a clinical hypnotherapist then add special hypnotherapy for trauma on to my background as a neuro-physiologist and a cell biologist.

If you, or someone you know has this turbulence underneath, I can help. Just get it sorted! And I do it differently… without taking you back over the problems. If you went there once you don’t need to go there again. I use the theatre of your imagination to empower you to get rid of the problem.

The thing is that your mind can either kill you or it can heal you. Hypnosis can let you heal.

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