This is why stress makes you put on weight

September 12th, 2018

When early humans lived in caves there were two main threats in their lives – cold and starvation. Our bodies evolved to cope with this by storing fat to feed and insulate us and this is why stress makes you put on weight

The storage of food was even more important for women so they could feed their children.

Unfortunately our metabolism has not evolved to keep up with our modern life and our unconscious mind’s main job is to manage our metabolism so that it keeps us safe.

In our modern day life any form of stress and overwhelm is seen by our bodies as a threat or danger and unless we are a hunter who needs to be able to run fast, we store fat to keep ourselves safe.

Diets don’t work because they are starvation and also stressful. And what a surprise – a new exercise program is felt by our bodies to be stressful.

Guess what… the long-term response is to store more fat.

Earlier in my life I had a huge amount of stress, especially around 15-20 years ago. My weight went up to 95kgs and I battled with it for several years until I did the extra training in stress and anxiety relief.

I now weigh 72kgs… much more comfortable to live with and as well as my old PTSD gone I have a very comfortable and healthy relationship with food so I lost the excess weight without consciously trying.

I use 5 hypnosis sessions over 2 months to both help overweight people deal with the stresses in their lives and also to change their relationship with food and eating. Where someone is suffering from major stress I sometimes do 6 sessions at no extra cost.

This is having great results and I would love to hear from people who battle with their weight and want to shape up now for summer.

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