Why hypnotherapy

December 6th, 2018

I think most people reading this blog already know that I am a hypnotherapist, so why hypnotherapy? I specialise in working with people who want to change habits or to overcome confidence issues, procrastination, anxiety and my biggest love is working with people who suffer from major stress like PTSD.

90% of your mind is unconscious and it controls everything… all your habits, your beliefs, your fears and your health. It is the boss and others mostly programmed it as we grew up.

Your parents started programming your beliefs even before you were born and your family, your friends, your teachers, neighbours, sports coaches and many others have been adding to this ever since.

Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state when you are able to let your busy conscious mind to drift so that you can change things in your unconscious mind. You have been hypotised many times all your life. This is what TV commercials, politicians, and movies do all the time when you are vegged out in front of the TV.

I remember an occasion when I was called to the phone leaving my youngest grandson watching TV. While I was out of the room he changed the channel to one screening Dennis the Menace. After 10 minutes of that program he became Dante the Menace! Be careful what you let your kids watch and play. The favourite kids game at present is Fortnight and is MUCH to violent for me so what it does to kids I shudder to think. No wonder there is so much violence on our streets these days.

The result of all these inputs through your life is where each of you is right now. It can be hard to change.

A simple self-hypnotic habit is to listen to your own thoughts. Do you put yourself down and bully yourself? Do you ever say I “can’t” do that, “I am going to fail”, “ I am so stupid” etc. etc. etc? If this is happening you should catch and change it each time. “I am not stupid… just a bit inattentive and I can fix that”. The same is true for all the others. Change those thoughts and make them positive.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to help you make positive changes that you find difficult to make consciously. You let me know, briefly in dot points preferably, the major things that have happened in your life plus you tell me what you want to move from and to. That way you give me an insight into those unconscious beliefs that are causing you problems so that I can help you to change them.

Procrastination is something that affects so many people and it is often either a general lack of confidence and also being a square peg in a round hole especially in the workplace where your unconscious mind does not believe you can complete the task effectively or in the time frame allocated. I help people to clear those underlying self-doubts so that they can move forward.

Yes I do help people to change habits like smoking very quickly and easily in only one session in almost all cases. If you know smokers who want to quit send them to me please. You do both of us a favour. I can fit in a FEW more before Christmas but don’t waste too much time thinking about coming.

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