Why is work stress getting worse?

April 30th, 2018

Work stress in increasing in our society and especially for business owners and managers. Stress builds up, a bit like continually putting more air into a balloon until it reaches bursting point or overwhelm.

You need real emotional resilience and strength to help you cope with all that day-to-day stress and overwhelm.

The thing is that when you become overwhelmed, the part of your brain that acts as a librarian, (hippocampus) stops filing things efficiently and calls in your “security guard” to turn on the Fight, Flight, Freeze mechanism.

Clearly Fight, Flight, Freeze is where anger, panic and procrastination come from along with the churned up stomach and other physiological symptoms preventing sleep and causing illness. Events and tasks to be done simply don’t get filed to they remain current so often disturbing your sleep at night.

Prolonged stress at work and financial problems and bullying often cause total overwhelm and even PTSD. Stressed and anxious business owners, managers as well as other busy personnel require real help and understanding instead of self medicating with the so common smoking alcohol abuse and even pill popping.

While keeping your business systems tight and simple certainly help you to reduce the day-to-day operational problems, many business owners and managers also take your problems and anxieties home each night impacting badly on your lives, health and even your families.

You can get real practical help here knowing that as well as being a specialist stress and trauma hypnotherapist I have had had 20 plus years of practical small business management with fourteen years as a business consultant in small to medium businesses.

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