You need to resolve it

January 23rd, 2018

When stress and anxiety and overwhelm happen, you need to resolve it. it may have built up over years or you may have had a sudden trauma.

Either way going over and over an issue in your mind increases your pain.

It builds more connections between your neurones and it actually changes your brain and makes it worse

Are you back to normal?

  • Ok you seem fine soon, you are back at work, you are feeling much more tired than usual, but there are things to do. You must be over it by now!
  • But you are not over it. Inside your body keeps the score. Your cells are still holding that fear, pain and bewilderment.
  • That overwhelm is still there as buried stress or unexplained anger deep inside. It doesn’t go away until you release it.
  • In major or prolonged stress our
memory of the stress is NEVER 

Because this is all held in your body and by your unconscious mind, your logical mind can never fix it.

People spend years and many thousands of dollars doing cognitive therapy, using their logical mind, which often just increases the trauma.

I use a very powerful direct hypnotic process called TRTP or The Richards Trauma Process to allow people to recover in only 3-4 sessions. The results even astonish me. It is so fast and effective. This is quite different from most hypnotherapists and very different from psychologists.

Logic will never change emotions and behaviour. Trying to persuade people logically to change emotions is useless in practice, and most people have experienced this.”
That is exactly the basis of my work with stress and anxiety. I do not use Cognitive Therapy because it uses the logical mind and even after months or years of treatment, it seldom works.
I use the theatre of the mind in trance to let people access their emotions and so that they can heal themselves.

The other very big difference is that while the Government thinks that $15,000 for months of cognitive therapy is good value, I help people recover from stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD in 3-4 weeks for only $1,300.

If you know people who need this help, please refer them to me

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