Books by Jean Cannon

Jean Cannon is the author of three books and a contributing author to another. See them all below.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

footprint Cover Draft 2.3 Are you like me, getting tired of politicians endlessly fighting over rising energy costs and global warming while we go on paying more for out power? “Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” makes sense of all the conflicting information and it helps you reduce your power bills at the same time. The book explains the greenhouse effect and what causes climate change in a straightforward way. It removes the doubt and confusion and gives practical suggestions about what you can do. I just wanted to let you know that I was so happy the other week when I got my latest electricity bill. …… my electricity bill dropped by over $200 compared to what I have been paying over the last couple of years. It also makes me feel that I’m doing my little bit to start trying to make this a better place for my children. I think every household needs to read your book “How to reduce your carbon footprint” because there are so many good points in there and they do work…….Kellie Simon, Virtual Assistant, Elizabeth SAust Don’t waste any more time, money and energy, Add this book “Reduce your Carbon Footprint” to your shopping cart now for $15 + $5 postage and handling [add_to_cart=296] ………………………

It is Easy Being Green

is an easy and pleasurable read – ideal for that short flight between airports or a quick break on the weekend. Jean presents compelling examples of people implementing environment management systems, using readily understood language and provides us with down-to-earth anecdotal stories of real people in real small to medium businesses who are trying to


improve their business relationship with their environment.” Paul Howlett, Wright Strategies. In her easy to read book, Jean Cannon discusses a variety of approaches to business sustainability through systematic environmental management (sometimes called EMS) and the benefits of each as she takes us on a journey of discovery with many of her clients as they confront the challenges of managing their environment using an Environment Management System or EMS.“Typical Jean, logical, thorough and easy to understand” Peter Taylor, Adams Pest Control

Businesses can no longer ignore environmental damage and they are under increasing public and legal pressure to ensure they leave as little an environmental footprint as possible

“I cannot recall reading a book which genuinely balances the needs of the environment with those of business, as yours does. Congratulations.” “The case studies – ranging from the southern NSW lamb producers, who developed their environmental management programme from ‘mind maps’ to the tuna fishermen in Port Lincoln with their wonderful story of learning from experience that less can mean more – are telling examples of people doing the right thing and getting rewarded for it.” The Honourable Peter McGauran, Formerly Australian Federal Minister For Agriculture

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Green Your Business- The Do-It-Yourself Manu

cover_green Increase your profits, grow your business, be a sustainable business AND help the environment? Yes and it is easy This book contains all Jean’s secrets Proven tips, tools and templates to do it yourself Jean’s first Book, “It is easy being green” tells you what to do and gives the fascinating success stories of a wide range of businesses successfully greening their business. This is the sequel you had to have – the DIY manual! Jean takes you through her Award Winning three module training and coaching process to build your own effective management system to improve BOTH your environmental management AND your bottom line Consumers want to buy from environmentally responsible businesses – so long as it doesn’t cost them more. Jean’s commonsense approach helps you build a green image, satisfy regulators and increase your profits “My experience with Jean’s common sense approach began in 2005 when she assisted our business and her approach to this publication is typical Jean, logical, thorough and easy to understand.”Peter Taylor, Adam’s Pest Control Price A$ 27.23 (excluding GST or A$ 29.95 inc GST), [add_to_cart=291] Or if you want start reading Green Your Business in the next 5 minutes: [add_to_cart=292]

Secrets of Top Business Builders ExposedTBB-cover-front-v icon

“The people in this book have worked with over 2,500 companies and collectively have generated billions of dollars in additional profits. Now you can discover the same secrets others pay thousands per hour to learn. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a senior executive in the corporate world, if you’re serious about growing a big business, this book is for you!” Dale Beaumont With Simon Paterson and foreword by Brad Sugars IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL DISCOVER… The most effective way to plan and strategise for future growth How to attract the best new talent and retain high performing staff Why companies must start training the next generation of leaders now Current trends in the world of marketing and what’s really working Latest advances in technology to improve productivity and profits Strategies to better manage company cash flow and generate real wealth How any business can expand rapidly into domestic and overseas markets To buy this book RRP: A$32.50 [add_to_cart=301]