Healing Your Autoimmune Disease

Healing your Autoimmune Disease happens when the underlying stress and trauma that causes autoimmune disease is removed with a remarkable 3-step process.

Clearing underlying stress and trauma totally changes your life because anxiety, stress, trauma and PTSD affect your entire body and the memory is held in all the cells of your body.

Every cell is still holding that initial fear, pain and bewilderment.  It is all still there as buried stress or even unexplained anger deep inside.  It doesn’t go away until you release it.

Humans are not good at releasing this because our conscious minds get in the way. We know that it happened in the past and we consciously think that we can and should “just get over it.”

But it does not work like that because your cells need to release all that harmful memory and you do not consciously talk to them.

The result is a lowered immune system.  You may go down with a heavy cold, asthma, excema or with more severe stress you may develop an auto immune disease or even cancer.

What happens is that your body is trying to release the energy of that thing that happened and it does so by attacking your self because it can’t reach the cause.

Sometimes people are born with severe stress if their mothers were in a very stressful situation during the pregnancy. Or something traumatic may happen during or shortly after their birth.

To recover from trauma two things must happen:

  • Your body has to somehow know that ‘it’s over’.
  • Your unconscious mind must feel empowered so that future events do not overwhelm you.

It is astonishing how often clearing the underlying stress and trauma can totally change the person’s life and how fast this can happen when the special Hypnotic technique, the Richards Trauma Process, is used.

Once I have helped you to allow your body to know that it is over you simply return to calm and your life and your health completely change.