Accidents And Trauma

Accidents and trauma can happen in a moment and often with no warning.

Suddenly you are plunged into a whirl of fear, pain and bewilderment.

It may be a fall. A car accident, an out of the blue illness, a job loss, something happened to a friend or family member and suddenly life has changed.

You may have a few days or even weeks off but you need to get back to your daily survival, back on your normal treadmill.

You seem ok on the outside, you are back at work, you are feeling much more tired than usual, but there are things to do.

You must be over it by now… but you are not!

Your body keeps the score and your cells are still holding that fear, pain and bewilderment.

The trauma is still there as buried stress or even unexplained anger deep inside.  It doesn’t go away until you release it.

Stress and trauma result in a lowered immune system.  You may go down with a heavy cold, asthma, excema or with more severe stress you may develop an auto immune disease or even cancer.

Your body is trying to release the energy of that thing that happened by attacking your self because it can’t reach the cause.

Yes you can still hold your normal self together and manage for a few hours each day but inside you are not right yet.  You have simply buried all that pain and fear and must release it to prevent long-term problems.

It is interesting that when a wild animal has a trauma it releases this by trembling violently after the event.  Then it gets up and runs back to it previous life.  It is over.  Humans have mostly lost the ability to do this.

To recover from trauma two things must happen:

  • Your body has to somehow know that ‘it’s over’.
  • Your unconscious mind must feel empowered so that events do not overwhelm you

When you come to see me to relieve stress and trauma I do two main things, both using a special hypnotic process.

First I build your self confidence so that you feel empowered,

… then we use very safe imagery to allow your body to know it is over,

you are safe and you can return to calm.

This is very powerful.