Business Stress

Owning or managing a business requires emotional resilience and strength to help you cope with all that day to day stress and overload.

Stress builds up, a bit like continually putting more air into a balloon until it reaches bursting point.

Prolonged business stress often causes total overload and even PTSD. Stressed and anxious business owners and managers require real help and understanding instead of self medicating with the so common alcohol abuse.

While keeping your business systems tight and simple certainly help you to reduce the day-to-day operational problems, many business owners and managers also take your problems and anxieties home each night impacting badly on your lives, health and even your families.

You can get real practical help here knowing that as well as being a specialist stress and trauma hypnotherapist I have have had 20 plus years of small business management with fourteen years as a business consultant in small to medium businesses..

One client, let’s call hime Fred owned a busy accountancy practice with very efficient staff and a well run office.  The problem he had was taking home his client’s problems which left him feeling overwhelmed as thought he was in a “vortex” or whiling thoughts and worries.  The only way he knew to cope with this was to drink, which he did at lunchtime, after work and at weekends – in ever increasing amounts.

Along with the stress and trauma hypnotherapy I used the lovely metaphor Ken Blanchard used in his book “The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey”.  The message of this wonderful serious yet humorous book is “don’t take on the problem if the problem isn’t yours” to break the alcohol habit – job done!  A family’s life changed.

Most accountants, lawyers, doctors have real skill in their professional training as but lack business management training.  I know I had to learn this the hard way 20 years ago so I got help from business coaches and consultants that was worth every cent that I spent.

The many business owners and managers I have met over 20 years of business all want to avoid becoming overstressed and certainly want to avoid  the all too common forms of self medication with alcohol and cigarettes because they know that these habits can get out of control, increasing the stresses.

I do help so call me!