Resolving Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, and PTSD

Our latest hypnotic therapy can help!

Are you living with severe or prolonged anxiety, stress or trauma so that you never really relax, feel safe and know that it is over? Stress and trauma is stored in every cell in your body so your logical mind can’t fix it. Support is required.

I can help you to change this using fast, effective and very safe healing.

If you are living with severe or prolonged stress or trauma, just call me on 08 8365 9513 to find out more.  There is a reason for PTSD and it is not your fault. When you are overwhelmed by stress or trauma that part of your brain which files your memories, becomes overwhelmed so those memories are NEVER stored – always current.

To recover: 2 things must happen:

  • Your body has to somehow know that ‘it’s over’.
  • Your unconscious mind must feel empowered so that events do not overwhelm you

This process achieves ‘release’ from the flight, fright, freeze response so you return to Calm. You tap into your own natural protective anger when your adult self protects your vulnerable self at the time you were hurt. In doing this you regain your own feelings of self value along with personal power and control. Sometimes for the first time in your life when dealing with childhood trauma.

the_graph_001The graph above shows how a trauma survivor remains in fear, flight, freeze mode and merely bounces up and down day to day while most people remain calm and return to calm rapidly after a stressful event.

I use The Richards Trauma process TRTP which is a very safe, gentle and rapid hypnotic method to change your underlying core beliefs / programs in the first step of the process allows the changes created to stay firmly in place and not be re-written by the all-powerful subconscious mind.

Simply call me on 08 8365 9513 to  find whether we can work together. Then you can feel confident to get started and discover freedom and a wonderful new life.

This process is totally different to the typical counselling and psychology approach and you will not go over all the details of your trauma again, like ripping the scab of a partially healed wound.

You will be empowered and safe in only 3 sessions.

You are very welcome to call me to discuss your needs or to just book in and start getting help now.

I am a trained Trauma Practitioner and as well as being an expert in this area, I deeply understand the problem having suffered from PTSD in the past myself.

You are NOT locked in to your past.  You can grow and live your life in the direction you want and truly leave the past behind. Your past becomes simply a boring story – truly passed.

You will be like that tree in the picture – when it was blown over and left with most of its roots in their air, it returned to growing in the direction that it wanted to grow.

The two major leaders in Trauma Psychology are
• Dr Bessel van der Kolk
Internationally recognised leader in the field of psychological trauma –
You need to help their body feel that it’s over.’
‘One of THE Keys! – to healing trauma: is to regain power and control.’resilient tree 2

• Dr Peter Levine, (lifetime achievement award from US Association of body psychotherapy) –
“Trauma lives in the body, not the event.”
The fight, flight, freeze response must be released from the body / the autonomic system, just as animals in the wild achieve this – through trembling, convulsion, and release of deep breaths.