Managing Your Mind Workshop

Your Mind is in Your Hands

Join me at  the Managing Your Mind Workshop

Recent research showed GPs report 75% of illness is stress related. WOW!  Almost everyone needs to learn to manage this.

The thing is that stress builds up in our bodies like blowing up a balloon, it keeps filling until either you let some out… or you become overwhelmed and your balloon “bursts”… causing illness and breakdown.

This triggers your Sympathetic Nervous system to try to protect you with the Fight, Flight or Freeze response:

  • Anger from the fight
  • Anxiety and even panic from the flight response and
  • Procrastination and activity paralysis from freeze.

This is such a common problem that I am running a self-help workshop to give you tools to

  • To release all that every day stress in regular manageable ways
  • To recognise your Stress and Anxiety
  • Identify & manage your ‘blocks’
  • Create changes you want in your life

This workshop combines practical common-sense tools with self hypnosis to empower you in both your business and your life. You will learn practical and easy techniques to help yourself through tough times without the need to turn to medication or worse, self medication.

You will find that understanding the difference between your conscious and your unconscious mind, also sometimes called the subconscious mind, helps you to make changes in your life, because it is 90% of your mind and because it is the boss, it is where you need to work to make any lasting change.

I will include a small amount of brain anatomy so that the reason we get overwhelmed, stressed and anxious makes sense.  This also lets you understand why stress, anxiety and overwhelm affect your entire physiology often leading to insomnia, changes in weight and illness.
The workshop includes simple techniques to change your emotional state and your physiology and you will also learn how to do self hypnosis to assist you talk effectively to your unconscious mind to make changes you want.

Jean is an experienced and highly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma and PTSD specialist with a background in both business consultancy and neurophysiology.

She has been running her own businesses for over 20 years and has been a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

This is held approximately quarterly and the next will be in June or early July

To register your interest email or phone 1300 883646


“I enjoyed the content you shared being a balance of factual researched information together with your experiences and reflections. I found the session well-paced with great realistic examples of situations of the power of hypnotherapy and how the mind is an amazing thing that can affect our quality of life and our daily living”.  Jenny