Natural Disasters – Fires, Floods, Earthquakes

Natural disasters cause trauma and PTSD. They often come out of the blue catching you completely by surprise and in a moment your life is totally changed.

You may have lost your home, your family members, your pets who love almost like your children. You may have been injured.

You may have come though unscathed, one of the lucky ones… but the fear and the trauma are still there. So are the nightmares.

You can still see the flames, feel the heat, smell those dreadful smells or feel the earth shaking and feel the fear as you prayed you would survive.

All that fear, stress, anger and the other emotions are still buried in the cells of your body. Those feelings will stay there until you are able to release them.

One of the most stressed fire survivors I met spent the day helping others to save their property, then returned home to discover his place was gone,

He had no idea where his wife and kids were and he had to walk around his smouldering farm carrying a gun to shoot his injured livestock. The final straw came when he had to shoot his horses! They were like children to him.

He found his wife and kids and they have rebuilt but he is still a mess… too strong and male to ask for the help he needs. This is PTSD and many men find it hard to ask for help.

When someone has PTSD the even that caused the problem is never over.  Your body remembers it just as clearly as the day it happened.  It affects your health and seriously affects your relationships.

If you or someone in your family needs help please get it! It is life changing.

Unlike the professionals who use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which revisits the situation using your conscious logical mind, I use The Richards Trauma Process, a very safe and rapid hypnotic process working with your unconscious mind to get rid of your trauma that is located in all the cells of your body and let you sleep again at night, heal those damaged relationships with those you love.

To recover from trauma two things must happen:

  • Your body has to somehow know that ‘it’s over’.
  • Your unconscious mind must feel empowered so that events do not overwhelm you

When you come to see me to relieve stress and trauma I do two main things, both using special hypnosis. First I build your self confidence so that you feel empowered, then we use very safe imagery to allow your body to know it is over, you are safe and you can return to calm.  This is very powerful.