This is the place to come to learn more about managing your own mind because your mind controls your life.  I am recording a library of podcasts which will be growing steadily to help you.

These are short, generally between 1 and 10 minutes, because most of us don’t have a hour or so to listen unless we have a very long commute… I know I don’t so I keep things short and relevant

Up front, here is a free sample of relaxing hypnosis.  This takes 12 minutes

About Jean: here is a link to an external Podcast I did with KMT Accounts. This podcast tells you about me, why and how I do what I do to help people get rid of stress and anxiety.

Are your beliefs helpful?

Unblocking your unconscious mind 2.35 mintes

When stress and trauma happen.  2 minutes 25.

Burying past stress and pain. 1 Minute 20

Why do things keep going wrong? 3 minutes

A very relevant quote from Edward de Bono.  1 minute 4

Making the Law of Attraction work for you 2 .25 minutes

Managing your weight effectively 3 .25 minutes

Avoid being a victim 4.34 minutes