Recovering From Child Sex Abuse

When I first started working with PTSD clients I was amazed at the very large number of adults, both male and female who came to see me because they were sexually abused as children.

The perpetrators are usually trusted adults or older relatives. There is a huge amount of this type of abuse, continuing for many years within a family – fathers, older brothers, cousins, uncles and stepparents.

Sexual abuse is about betrayal, it’s occurring at the hands of trusted family members and caregivers.

I have worked with girls from large families where the abuse stopped when a girl reached puberty and the next younger sibling became the victim. This prevented unwanted pregnancies. How revoltingly calculating!

The research on the longer-term impact of child sexual abuse indicates that there may be a range of negative consequences for mental health and adjustment in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Early trauma is so damaging that it can disrupt a persons entire psychology and metabolism. Sexual abuse is deeply invasive and abusive causing major trauma.

Not all victims experience these difficulties – family support and strong peer relationships appear to be important in buffering the impact.

Many people who are abused or bullied in childhood make poor choices in their adult relationships.

They have not learned that they matter, that they are worthy of love and of a loving relationship. They attract people who will continue to bully them while claiming to love them. They have not learned to trust within a safe relationship.

Bizarrely many perpetrators state that they are innocent of abuse and their rapes because they say they were “loving”. They completely lack empathy, thinking only about themselves.

Recent research indicates that male victims are less likely to disclose their abuse and take longer to do so. They are just as damaged.  Male and female victims may be impacted in different ways.

Many victims end up with PTSD, they frequently become obese as they unconsciously make themselves unattractive or simply larger.

Hypnotic treatment using the very gently and safe Richards Trauma Process is totally life changing.

This is completely different and far more effective than cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which can take years of endlessly going over the events consciously, re-traumatising the person.

Do not go on suffering if you were a victim of child sex abuse. Call me for a chat or simply book in to start treatment. It will change your life!