Recovering From Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and child sexual abuse are the two most common causes of PTSD in Australia.  This must and can be resolved to prevent a lifetime of stress and ill health.

Contrary to popular myth, it is not only about men being violent to women. I have treated many people who were physically and emotionally abused by women usually their mother or partner.

However men are more commonly the abusers.

Many men still believe that they are the rightful head of the house rather than being in a partnership and that controlling behaviour whether physical or emotional is ok to assert their authority.

Emotional and psychological abuse is also very common, often but not always, combined with physical abuse.

Men do tend to have more problems controlling anger and anger turns off the frontal cortex making rational thought very difficult.

Whatever the cause or who was the abuser the trauma caused by this violence is very damaging and results in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.

Because the trauma is remembered throughout the body, the victim ends up anxious, stressed, depressed for many years; unable to escape because their self-confidence has been destroyed.

Many victims insulate themselves with massive extra weight or they develop a variety of illness as the stress and the anger caused by this turn inwards against the victim’s own body.

Abused children frequently become abusers because they don’t know how else to behave.

So many children end up leaving home in their early teens and choose and uncertain life on their own.

If you are a victim of domestic violence either now in in the past you need help to recover.

You need a safe way to defuse all that trauma and I do this using very safe and rapid hypnosis.

This is life changing!