Client Stories

Clients lives were transformed by hypnotherapy as they escaped from stress, trauma, anxiety, PTSD and harmful habits (names changed to avoid any breach of confidentiality).
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This wonderful lady recovered from being bedridden, in extreme pain and barely able to walk and after three sessions, using the special hypnosis called TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process) she is now healthy, pain free and active studying Social Work and Counselling.

Sue first came to me to Quit Smoking, then came back later to deal with a lifetime of anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Her life has been transformed.

With PTSD the stress is held in all the cells of your body and until it is released that memory is never resolved. The stress and trauma is never over.

Clients use a movie scene under hypnosis to remove their younger injured self from the situation then go in a deal with the problem or the perpetrator as an empowered adult.

At the end of a session, clients have the most wonderful look on their faces. Many release tears and all release emotion. A common comment is “I hadn’t realised how much that had upset me. Now I feel so much lighter and happier”. “Look, I am smiling! I feel happy!” from someone who had not felt happy for years and had been wishing her life would end.

The stories go on covering people who were gang raped, those who were sexually abused by priests and headmasters and one girl who was abducted while working overseas, imprisoned for 3 days and raped multiple times. Her family did not give her the support she needed and she was thrilled with the relief she got after hypnosis allowed her to know it was finally over.

Fred owns a busy accountancy practice with very efficient staff and a well run office.

He had was taking home his client’s problems leaving him feeling overwhelmed. He described this as a “vortex” or whiling thoughts and worries.

The only way he thought he could cope with this was to drink, which he did at lunchtime, after work and at weekends – in ever increasing amounts.

I used business coaching around the rule that you “don’t take on the problem if the problem isn’t yours”.  Then added some hypnotherapy to break the alcohol habit – job done!  Fred is now coping well in his business, has lost weight and no longer drinks.

Managers and professionals like accountants, lawyers, doctors and many others are trained in their professions and the common sense business management training Is missing. I know I had to learn this the hard way 20 years ago so I got help from business coaches and consultants that was worth every cent that I spent.

Margaret came to see me with PTSD, diabetes and weighing 94kgs. She had suffered domestic violence, sex abuse and 2 very violent marriages.   She wanted to get a degree, a professional career, lose weight and be free from stress and insecurity.
Now she weighs 71kgs, no longer has diabetes, is successfully studying part time for her degree as well as working full time with high need families and running her household with a loving husband and children.
Under hypnosis she put all her abusers into a box and kicked and spat on them until they all blew away as tiny fragments. She was free of the past, it was over.

Here is a recent email from her: Hi Jean, Merry Christmas ? I hope you are well?

Just to let you know that I am great full for all your support and treatment on my lifelong journey. 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting my past abusers recently at a 70th birthday party. I was actually shocked that, I even received an invite. The agenda before the party was hidden, but transpired on the spot. 

I believe it was your guiding words that I secured the belief, “I was born ready!” 

I handled myself with pose, confidence and God’s unending grace. 

The abusers are a mere old, demoralised and lonely old group of folk that provoked nothing more than compassion from myself. 

I stood with my head held high, responded to there probing questions with grace and informed them of my wonderful, pleasant, loving family and lifestyle. 

Just before we left, an Aunty, tapped my arm and said, “your father would of been so proud.”

(My father suffered a violent suicide when I was 16 years old). 

My response, I know that! 

You see my experiences up until that point revolved around “those family members” in some way. At this particular point, I truely understood those people have, in no way, have anymore power. 

You gave me that strength, thank you, I will forever be great full. Know that I think of you often. 

Yours Thankfully,

Chris had suffered multiple rapes and abuse as a child. She opened her eyes after hypnosis with a huge grin, telling me that she had a double-barrelled shotgun and she “blew the balls of all of them”. It was definitely over.

Richard  was coping with massive stress.

“Since our session last Thursday I am coping considerably better!
1.    Concentration has improved
2.    I seem to be happier
3.    Getting a far bit of work done
4.    Reduced on the alcohol medication (hope you can help me to toss this demon completely)
5.    I listen to your tape each night after which I sleep like a baby – NO TV
Thanks for your help and I look forward to our next Session of Magic!”

Trixie lives in Adelaide. Age 41, married no kids.  She came to me suffering from the after effects of a mastectomy for breast cancer and an eating disorder. And she is drinking too much which is contra indicated for breast cancer. She feels that her marriage is unstable and because her body is now ‘deformed” this affects their sex life.
She was abducted from the street in London at knifepoint, raped multiple times and kept prisoner for several days.  None of her family went over to support her and she had no response from them other than to say it was over so you are ok now. The same family still tell her often that it was a long time ago and she must stop thinking about it.  They don’t want to hear about it again.
She suffered from terrible guilt because they identified the perpetrator with DNA and he suicided in Goal.  She felt that was her fault.  Her major trauma was feeling abandoned.  That was worse than the rape and imprisonment. Her big problem is abandonment and fear of that appears to be the problem with her marriage.
Intervention was classic TRTP with 4 sessions.
Outcome – Her eating improved, her drinking stopped and she felt more secure and relaxed.  After a few months. Trixie told me that she feels very well.  All he problems are gone and she has lost 12kg with the eating disorder and drinking gone.

Violet lives in Adelaide, aged 63 and has 3 adult children.  She came feeing lonely and isolated with panic attacks that come with no warning. She has been diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder and was taking alprazolam. She was suffering from moderate anxiety and stress measured on DAS 21.
She was raped at aged 8 by 2 teenage boy and an older brother continued this for many years. She was frightened to tell her parents. She divorced age 44 after finding her husband was bringing other women into her house while she was at work. Ongoing and increasing bullying by a manager at work.
Stuff is no longer rolling through her mind and she is no longer anxious. She has told her mother about the rapes and confronted her brother so that she feels comfortable meeting him now.   She is no longer being bullied.

Will lives on the outskirts of Adelaide, Age 77.  He presented covered in an itchy red rash, which became redder when he talked out why he had come. His first marriage broke down in his 40s when she was unfaithful and he came home and found that his house and sheds had been cleaned out completely. The settlement was acrimonious and took 8 years.
He has recently retired and cannot afford to maintain his small farming property and is feeling major grief about losing another property. He had recurrent dreams about coming home to an empty house.
I used 3 sessions of hypnotherapy. During the sessions the rash calmed and changed to a normal skin tone.
The dreams stopped and he became able to start downsizing his farm equipment, looking for a house with a large block and big shed and planning his move. His rash cleared up.

Yvette lives in Adelaide, Age 58 and has 2 adult children
She has had chronic headache every day for 12 years. She was also jaw clenching and biting the sides of her mouth and her tongue. Has tried physiotherapy and chiropractic and been in the care of a neurologist for the past 6 months unsuccessfully. Happy to try anything. She was taking multiple medications.
When she was only 3 years old she was locked in a old freezer for several hours. At 9 years old sexual abuse by grandfather. 22 years she discovered her husband was mentally ill. He was also alcoholic and he made 3 suicide attempts. She was married to him for 28 years.
She was very full of guilt and said sorry in nearly every sentence. She was very self-critical. She even believed it was her own fault she was locked in the freezer because she was a “silly little girl” for hiding in there.
The outcome of 3 session of hypnotherapy is that the migraines had stopped and also jaw clenching and biting. The headaches were much improved; mild and less frequent. No longer self critical.

Lizzie” was so pleased with how easy it was to quit smoking that she asked my to fly to her country town and she organised 12 of her fiends and family who also wanted help.

Some gave up smoking, others including Susie wanted to lose weight and another was coping with grief and depression. Susie still sends me clients, is a non smoker, has minimised her drinking and also lost weight.

“Betty” had a very similar story to Suzie and organised a venue and 8 new clients for me in her (different) country town after she first quit smoking successfully.

Since then Betty has moved to Adelaide, lost weight, managed pain from a work injury that prevented her from even lifting her right arm and also managed her anxiety.

Julie combined smoking with drinking RedBull – 6 cans a day!

Using a special NLP technique I was able to make her RedBull taste like Sarsaparilla, which she hated and even when she tasted her open can of RedBull it tasted to her like the hated sarsaparilla. So much so that she wanted the can of drink removed from the room.
She told me it was just like magic. In fact it is simply an example of the power of mind over body.

Pam said “My Quit Cigarettes hypnosis session with Jean Cannon was a totally relaxing experience and I was surprised how I became hypnotised so quickly even though I felt like I wasn’t.

I am totally indebted to Jean for ever as smoking has been impossible to quit until now.

Bill “This Quit Smoking experience made me feel so good. I can’t believe how much better I felt after seeing Jean. Thank you very much for overly helping me to quit smoking!”

Testimonials about Jean’s dedication to client outcomes from her previous work with business